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Sachiko Katsumoto
SAI WAS NO FUN AS OF LATE. He was always out doing his own thing, leaving Sachiko to find something to do on her own. She spent a lot of time stalking out Glamour, but it was becoming too hard for her catch the cute boy. On her most recent blog post, she had labeled the boy as a lost cause. Now she needed someone to take his place.

With her ear buds placed in her ears and her music streaming, Sachiko sat on a row of stones stacked one on top another. The stones formed a circle around a fountain in the middle of the park. She was one of the few people at the park. The cold acted as a buffer, keeping majority of the locals from frequenting the locations. Joggers still braved the cold, as did a few people who were playing sports such as basketball. Sachiko was watching them idly. Most of them were high school students. They weren’t wearing their uniforms, but Sachiko was assigning them the few schools she was familiar with, judging by their clothes whether they attended a prestigious school or one like Gakuin. Her high school entrance exams were coming up. Studying wasn’t an issue as her and Sai were shoo in’s for Gakuin, having attended Gakuin’s middle school and having connections with Gendo a teacher at Gakuin.

A runaway soccer ball collided with the side of the fountain, causing it to shoot into the air. It startled Sachiko, almost causing her to topple backgrounds into the cold water. Just as she looked at the fountain to determine what it was that had come her way, the soccer ball came back down, landing in the water. The splash was enough to hit Sachiko’s face.

She squealed, feeling the cold seep through her coat. She brushed at the water on her face, being careful not to smear her makeup.  “Assholes!” she called out as a group of guys came to collect their ball. They laughed at her frustration. “Sorry doll,” one called out. Sachiko grabbed the ball that was floating in the water, tossing it as hard as she could in the opposite direction of the boys. “Jerks.”
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Sachiko Katsumoto
It was getting late in the afternoon as Sachiko stepped off the train. She had arrived in a particular densely business populated section of Tokyo by herself. She had chosen to go alone because her intentions were better suited without company trailing along. Mittoned hands pulled her oversized hoodie closer to her body, attempting to trap in her body heat, more out of habit than because the cold was getting to her. She had on enough layers to block out the cold, for the most part.

She walked forward, following the flow of the crowd onto the busy sidewalks. Glancing one direction and then the other, Sachiko stopped walking, causing pedestrians to have to walk around her. She fumbled inside her purse for a moment, trying to find a piece of paper with scribbled directions on it. The directions were to a clothes store called Glamour. She had found out that one of the gorgeous boys from the high school worked there and she was hoping to see for herself. She had been taking pictures of the hotties from the high school that interested her the most, but was limited to watching them at sports practice or in the lunch room. So when she found out that this boy worked at a store called Glamour, she had to check it out.

She had never been to Glamour before, so she had to use the internet to find directions. Also oblivious to her was whether or not the boy worked today. She was taking her chances, with it being holiday time, she figured they had to be somewhat high. Right hand lifted outwards in pointed in the north direction of the sidewalk. Her eyes followed the direction of her pointed eye and she peered as far as she could down the street, trying to figure out if it was the correct way. Nodding her head in agreement, she folded the paper and stuck it back into her purse.

She marched along the sidewalk, enjoying the frigid air. Shadows began to engulf the city as the sun moved behind the taller buildings. She had come later in the day because she hoped that she would be able to catch both the morning and the night shift, just in case the boy one or the either. Of course that did mean that it was rush hour time, as people hurried to make it to their jobs in time.

Glamour wasn’t hard to find, and when she was right in front of the building, she hesitated outside. She looked through the window, nervously wondering what she would say to the boy. Gathering her breath, she stepped inside. She walked slowly through the racks, finding it almost difficult to see from her height. Hands touched the clothes as she passed them, to give the allusion that she was there to shop (and not stalk). Finally she made it to the register, and she held her breath as she turned to see the associate. It was a female.

Exhaling, Sachiko glanced from side to side, hoping to find another associate maybe out straightening the clothes rack. Nothing. There was still hope. She just had to wait for the shifts to change. She continued her slow pace as she walked past the register, not looking at the female associate. Until then, she would continue to browse through the clothes. If he proved not to be working today, she would just head home. If only he did work, then maybe she could learn his name today.
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Sachiko Katsumoto
02 February 2009 @ 11:26 pm

((OOC- I contacted the Mod on this one. I wasn’t sure if the high school kids would still have sport practice after finals, and it was decided on they will. Perhaps they have one or two more games left of the season or more considering if they make it to regional’s or w/e))

~~ Baseball - Ami, Jiro, Kei, Maikeru, Miki, Miyavi, Shige, Yosuke ~~

The chain-link fence was the only obstacle in her way. The fence kept her away from what she wanted. Her eyes were her only means of contact. The distance between her and the boy was so great that he probably didn’t even see her standing over there.

Sachiko was watching the high school boys’ baseball team practice in the baseball field. The wind was bitter on her skin, and her thin jacket didn’t do much to improve her diminishing warmth. It was all worth it though. She treasured any time she spent watching her crush.

On the wall of her bedroom, Sachiko had begun a collage of photos she took of her crushes. Most of the pictures were taken during lunch time, but as she started to learn where the boys went after school, she started adding some variety.

She held her camera close to her in a subconscious way to generate some extra heat. The fence was creating too much of an obstruction for a decent picture. She watched the boys in a dreamy state before deciding to head home. She’ll get a picture some other day.

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Sachiko Katsumoto
13 July 2008 @ 11:49 pm
Sachiko walked into her room holding a teddy bear to her chest. She was dressed for bed but wasn't interested in sleep just yet. Going to her desk she touched the mouse bringing the screen to life. Her blog was before her as she sat down in the desk chair. Earlier she had uploaded her new pictures to her computer. She had been scoping out the high school lately looking for guys she thought were hot.

So far, she had chosen four. The first one was short (he was Sachiko's height, so she considered him short). He had dark, shoulder length hair with bangs. Zooming in on his face, Sachiko could only tell that his eyes were dark.

The second one was much taller than the first. This one had hair that went a little past his shoulders. His hair almost came off somewhat bluish, maybe from the way the light hit it. He had soft features. His eyes were a light color, perhaps blue or gray.

The third one was about the same height as the last one and had short dark hair. His hair was long enough to both be spikey like short hair usually was and lie flat like longer hair did. His eyes were dark.

The fourth one was also tall, but not much taller than the second and third boys. He had the shortest hair of the four and it was a light black color. His hair was messy every time Sachiko saw him and he was kinda thin. He had the usual dark eyes.

From the way these boys looked, Sachiko could guess their personality, each significantly different from the other. They were her new objections. She posted all the pics of them she had on her camera, even the ones where they were in the background. She planned to learn more about them the best she could. Tomorrow she would print out their pictures and paste them to her wall. How lucky these boys were.
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Sachiko Katsumoto
12 July 2008 @ 09:14 pm
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Sachiko Katsumoto
17 March 2008 @ 05:44 pm
The day was already half way over, and yet Sachiko was still in her pajamas. She did not have school today because it was Thanksgiving. Sachiko's family didn't really celebrate Thanksgiving aside from having a dinner that was fancier than usual. Papa would save up all his extra cash to buy the food, and then he would get up extra early Thursday morning to cook it. He was a decent cook, but nothing to be proud of. It was a quality that every single father inherited.

The sweet smell of the food had just begun to disperse throughout the house. The smell was comforting and made her warm considering her pajamas consisted of short shorts and a pull-over hoodie. To keep herself warm, Sachiko kept her legs folded in the office chair she was seated in. She sat in front of a large desk which had a computer on it. The computer was quite old, but it worked good enough. As long as it allowed Sachiko to get online and post in her blog as she did almost daily. In fact, she was currently typing a new blog at the moment. Her chair rocked slightly one way and then the next as she paused between sentences wondering what to write next.

Usually, she did not have a problem finding something to write about. She always had something on her mind, even if she didn't say it. Most of her entries were focused on students from her class room, and hardly any of what she wrote down was a compliment. The last sentence she had typed was commenting on her classmates hair yesterday. She wrote that it reminded her of the fur of a drownded squirrel. Sachiko laughed when she recalled the girl's hair style.

So far, Sachiko had not written about any of the high schoolers. She was meeting more and more of them now that she and Sai had lunch at the high school. She had seen plenty of victims, but so far had not ventured into that field. It wasn't just the high school girls that Sachiko had been noticing. Lately, she had been paying a lot more attention to the boys as well. There were plenty of boys she thought were cute, but so far none had really caught her attention. She was looking for that one boy that would make her melt. Of course her father was always warning her against crushing on high school boys, but the only difference between them and the boys in her class were that the high school boys were more horny than awkward. She wasn't a virgin anymore, so that had little affect on her. Sachiko always wanted to be like the girls on those drama shows that rated their best and their worst anyway.

Sachiko sighed to herself as she pressed the "submit" button on her blog. Another blog posted. No one from her school read her blog, except her brother. She didn't write to entertain others. She wrote to get her thoughts in writing and to say what she really wanted to say. Sachiko spun to face the door in her chair. She debated whether she should go see how their supper was faring. Maybe Sai could come up with something to kill her boredom.
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Sachiko Katsumoto
Sachiko sat as far back in the chair as she could, allowing her feet to dangle off the floor. She was admiring the room; it was her first time there.

Today marked the beginning of her and Sai's midday appointments. Everyday, starting today, during fourth hour, Sai and Sachiko had to walk from the junior high to the high school to meet with their psychiatrist, Gendo Shindo. It wasn't a long walk; the schools neighbored each other. Their father had set up the meetings with permission from both schools.

The room was also new to Shindo. He had just started teaching at Gakuin High not too long ago. He taught psychology. Funny, eh?

Sachiko glanced at the clock just as it hit 11:08 am. The bell was going off, signifying the end of fourth period. It also meant the end of the session. Now Sachiko and Sai would be headed off to lunch where they will be eating with the high schoolers.

Sachiko stood up from her chair. Shindo was saying something, but she wasn't listening. Her thoughts were concentrated on the upcoming lunch period. She hands shook slightly for her nerves were acting up. She had to control them though, at least until she was out of Shindo's view.

Not long later, Sachiko and Sai were walking into the cafeteria. They were earlier than most of the other students since they didn't need to stop at lockers or anything. Sachiko was happy they were early. That made it easier to get a seat before the main crowd came in.

((OOC: I don't know if this is required, but I have gotten permission from Sai to say he is there with her. I tried not to move him around much otherwise.))
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Sachiko Katsumoto
22 June 2006 @ 02:19 am
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Sachiko Katsumoto
14 June 2006 @ 08:19 pm
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