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Broken Smiles and Broken Hopes

Sachiko Katsumoto
13 August
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This is a role-playing journal for the RPG japanese_high.

Character's Name -

Sachiko Katsumoto

Character's Age -

14 (she is older than her brother by 13 minutes)

Character's Sex -


Character's Grade -

Ninth Grade

Character's Birthday -

August 13th

Character's Appearance -

Sachiko has long, dark brown hair that falls just past her shoulders. Her dark eyes are sometimes described to be half-moon in shape, and they are framed with jagged cut bangs that she often parts. She stands just about 5'3" and has a petite frame due to her being sick so often when she was young. She is a very expressive person, and it can be clearly seen through her face, eyes, and even motions.

Sachiko is slowly starting to experiment with make-up. While she doesn't apply a lot, it is still noticeable in a good way. Her ears are pierced, and she already attends to her ear brows to make them the perfect arcs. Her clothes are always decent since her dad tries his hardest to buy his kids clothes that look nice, masking the fact that they are poor.

Character's Personality -

Sachiko is like a normal, teenage girl. She's the type that makes herself up to be pretty, the type that likes to go hang out with friends, and the type that likes to have fun. However, there is the darker side to her personality. A personality disorder that started some time in the past when there were devastating family problems. Sachiko will easily fall for a guy that is cute, fun to be with, or even has a great sense of humor. Once she falls for a guy, she falls hard. Hard enough to become a stalker. She'll do anything to make that guy hers and hers alone, even if he has a girlfriend. She'll even resort to scaring the girl away with crazy tactics she thinks up, not caring what happens to the girls or how bad they're hurt. To her, they are just an obstacle.

Though Sachiko talks with a cheery tone of voice, there are times when her words may sound twisted. This is her obsessive trait showing through. Just walking into her room, this trait becomes obviously true. Her wall are covered with pictures of celebrities, singers, musicians, and even guys that she has or had a crush on. But when she loses her interest in a guy, her violent side becomes dominate as she has a fit, tearing the pictures to shreds and destroying anything that reminds her of him. Her anger can also be seen when she isn't getting attention when she wants it.

Character Survey -

Forever more...and evermore

Character's Good Traits -

Sachiko will sometimes appear to be a bubbly, happy-go-lucky girl. She smiles a lot and appears to be optimistic most of the time. She is punctual, focused, and determined for the most part. She can even be described as creative with the unique ideas she comes up with.

Due to past family problems, Sachiko tends to act motherly towards younger children. Sometimes she's kind, sweet, and tender to all around her, unless it's someone she has a grudge against.

Character's Bad Traits -

One of Sachiko's worst qualities is her obsessive behavior. Obsessions cause the girl to become very spontaneous and unpredictable. She's very direct when it comes to something she doesn't like and won't be polite about it. She is arrogant and at times comes off as spoiled. She throws fits when things don't go her way or when she's not the center of attention. She is hot tempered and can easily become explosively violent.

Other than her current obsession, Sachiko doesn't seem to really care about anything else. She would allow someone to be horribly tortured as she watched and not have any feelings towards the whole thing.

Sachiko also has a problem with her nerves. She hates being still for long periods of times because it makes her very anxious. Her hands must always be doing something, thus she waves her arms around a lot when she speaks. In class, you'll see her twirling her hair, organizing her books, or even drawing, just to keep herself entertained. Otherwise, if her anxiety gets too bad, she may become very violent.

Character's Likes -

Sachiko absolutely loves attention from boys, especially ones she takes special interest in. She's a sucker for gifts and loves being showered in them. She likes to create a new reality for herself, one the excludes some of the horrors in her past. She enjoys praise and things going her way. She also loves roses, except white ones, which she feels are bad omens.

Character's Dislikes -

Sachiko hates when someone gets in the way of her objection. She hates when someone takes the attention off of her. She can't stay still and she hates heights. She has a fear of being forgotten or ignored. She also never wants to ridiculed and hates being embarrassed. She also freaks out if anything goes around her neck in a choking manner. She begins to feel as if she if suffocating, no matter how loose the thing around her neck is.

Character's Fighting Style -

Sachiko isn't much of a fighter at all. Instead she resorts to using dirty tricks. She does anything from pulling hair, pinching, scratching, biting, throwing objects, or kicking in the groin. However, she usually handles fights by sending someone after someone. Using her innocent charms in the slums can easily rack up a hefty gang of horny boys that are willing to attack anyone for the little angel girl. This is how she handles much of her revenge.

Character's History -

Sachiko was born August 13th, 13 minutes before her twin brother, Sai (unhinged_mind). Already their was trouble in the family with their parents in the middle of divorce. Sachiko and her brother were to stay with the mother.

As Sachiko grew up, her and her brother were constantly falling ill. Only, their mother didn't take them to the doctors. Instead, she would go on and on about one of them being a demon child, and all the signs that lead up to her belief that one of her twins were evil. She would also go on about how she was protecting the world be keeping the kids sick at home.

By the age of seven, their dad got suspicious. It wasn't long before the man found out how his ex-wife was purposely poisoning the twins. He immediately tried to get custody of the kids. The kids were placed at their fathers house. As the days went on through the prosecution, their mother seemed to recover completely. She was no longer the raving, crazy woman going on about demons. She was a normal mother that missed her kids. Their dad fell for it. He let her in.

For a period, it really seemed like things were different. But in the mother's eyes, she was watching these kids repeat sin after sin. Eventually, it got to the point where she planned on killing them. She had the pills. She was going to mix it in with their food. Enough poison to kill a full grown man. But their father walked in when she was adding the poison to the food. He wrestled the pills away, all the while, arguing with her, screaming about how she didn't change, that she was a sick wench that was going to hell. During the struggle, Sachiko watched from around the corner, one eye peeking out at her parents.

Their father ran to get the phone, to call the police on this lunatic. But their mother also ran off to a different room with plans of her own. Sachiko and Sai followed her. She went into her bedroom. There was a rope tied in a hangman's loop, hanging from one of the decorative ceiling beams. The woman crawled onto the bed, her energy almost depleted. She grabbed the rope and placed it around her neck. As she did so, she could see the twins standing just in the doorway, fear consuming them. She smiled a wicked smile as she spoke to them. She spoke haunting words about the demon kids. With one graceful jump off the bed, their mother hung in midair, her soul already escaping the now motionless body.

All Sachiko could do was scream. She could see nothing else but her mother hanging there before her. When the dad came to the room, it was too late.

Later, Sachiko learned that her mother planned on killing her and Sai, and then going to go hang herself. She had everything perfectly planned out. It would have worked too, if their father hadn't interfered. Her father once told her before that he was grateful their mother had committed suicide then. She could have just as easily killed the twins instead. He cursed himself for letting the twins out of his sight.

The death of her mother tragically affected the way Sachiko grew up. It gave her emotional scars that screwed up her personality. The father had the twins see a psychiatrist that was a family friend. He refused to send them to a different shrink, fearing that they would send his kids to a psychiatric ward, a place they would never grow up normally. The psychiatrist they saw regularly was also a teacher at a school called Gakuin High. Even in Middle School, Sachiko goes sees him often, even during school hours because she is scheduled to. She doesn't mind though. He, the psychiatrist, has become quite a good friend to her and her brother.

Character's Family Notes -

Name: Takashi Katsumoto
Gender: Male
Relationship: Father
Job: Cop

Name: Sana Iida [deceased]
Gender: Female
Relationship: Mother
Job: None

Name: Sai Katsumoto (unhinged_mind)
Gender: Male
Relationship: Twin Brother
Job: None

Character's Neighborhood -

Sachiko lives in an apartment in a very poor neighborhood. The neighborhood is usually ignored by the community so that even the roads are in bad shape. The only cop that even bothers to enter the area is her father. His main catch in the area though is drug dealers and even more popular, prostitutes.

She lives in the better of the apartments in the area. Just across the road are one-roomed apartments. Her apartment is located on the first floor, which Sachiko is glad about. Though the apartment building is one of the better ones, she still wouldn't trust the stairs leading to the second floor.

Character's Job -

Sachiko does not have a job. Her father doesn't get enough money to give her an allowance because instead he buys his kids nice clothes. Sachiko must rely on other means to get money. This could mean anything from blackmail to stealing, if she's desperate. She does get a monthly allowance coming from insurance on her mother's death.

Character's Transportation -

Because of lack of money, Sachiko cannot afford to spend any amount on transportation. She usually walks to her destination, sometimes catching a ride in her father's car.

Character's Dating Status -

Sachiko will become obsessed with a person that she begins to like. Her obsession sometimes get so bad she'll end up being a stalker. But just as suddenly as her obsession starts, it'll end and she'll start liking someone new.

Character's Social Status -

She doesn't really have too many friends (she pushes them away), but she does know a few people from her neighborhood who will do her favors.

Class Schedule -

Mondays through Thursdays
Before Periods: Homeroom
First Period: Japanese
Second Period: English
Third Period: PE
Fourth Period: Psychiatrist meeting at the High School (neighboring the Jr. High)
Midday: Lunch (at the High School)
Fifth Period: Social Studies
Sixth Period: Science
Seventh Period: Math
After Periods: Homeroom (roughly ten minutes long)
After Class Dismissal: Cleaning
After Janitoring: Sport

Before Periods: Homeroom
First Period: Japanese
Second Period: English
Third Period: PE
Fourth Period: Psychiatrist meeting at the High School (neighboring the Jr. High)
Midday: Lunch (at the High School)
Fifth Period: Social Studies
Sixth Period: Science
Seventh Period: Math
After Periods: Homeroom (roughly ten minutes long)
After Class Dismissal: Cleaning
After Janitoring: Club

Before Periods: Homeroom
First Period: Japanese
Second Period: English
Third Period: PE
Fourth Period: Psychiatrist meeting at the High School (neighboring the Jr. High)
After Returning to Jr. High: Sport

No School

Classes Character Excels In -

Sachiko excels in classes that involve critical thinking such as Science and Math.

Classes Character Does Poorly In -

While she doesn't do to well in Japanese or English, in PE, she doesn't get good grades because she doesn't really try.

Quote -

Life is not the amount of breaths you take,
It's the moments that take your breath away
You take my breath away
So watch as I take yours
Signed, your anonymous love

Character's Titles -

Soon to come...